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Large Format Ceramic Tile, Beware Brick Patterns

Beware the Normal Brick Pattern with Large Format Ceramic Tile.

A tile or stone larger than 16” x 16” is generally defined as “large format.”

Large Format Ceramic Tile in Normal (50%) Brick Pattern
Large Format Tile in Normal (50%) Brick Pattern

Due in part to customer demand, tile manufacturers have shifted focus to promoting and providing these larger tile.

The advantages of installing large format ceramic tile include:

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Porcelain Tile Installation Grouting

Porcelain Tile Installation Grouting Process.

Once tile has been installed and has dried properly, the grouting process can begin.  But, allow tile to set firmly before grouting. Grouting tile too soon, before the setting material has set-up, can lead to problems. Uncured setting material may bleed through the joints and discolor the grout.  There is also the risk of destroying the bond by shifting tiles, so allow as much time between setting and grouting as feasible. A day is advisable, but as much as four days might add a level of assurance.

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Tiling Trends and Design in 2016

Tiling Trends and Design in 2016.

The tile industry is at an exciting crossroads.  New production technologies are blending artisan technique with ink jet printing technology to provide looks never before achieved.

Textured hexagonal tile set 2016 tiling trends.
Textured hexagonal tile set 2016 tiling trends.

Tiling  trends in 2015 were  dominated by hexagonal shapes and textures.  Those trends continue into 2016.

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Tiling Project Planning in Port St. Lucie


In Port Saint Lucie, January is typically the most popular time of the year for new tiling installation and renovation projects.  So, plan ahead for your home tiling projects and get ahead of the new year resolution rush.  Make your resolution, your construction plan, and start preparing early.

Forward thinking at the beginning of a tiling project takes best advantage of supply and demand when it comes to tile contractor selection, selective bidding and finding sales and bargains. Selecting the materials to be used on the project and knowing product availability and its delivery time frame makes a tile contractors bidding much easier.

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Bathroom Floor Surfacing Selection

Bathroom Floor Surfacing Selection.

Ceramic tiled tub surround and wallsWhen considering bathroom floor surfacing, ceramic or porcelain tile is the obvious best choice.  It is simply a no-brainer.  The only characteristic of tile I have ever heard mentioned as a reason to avoid it is that it is “cold.”  Well, here on Florida’s Treasure Coast, that characteristic is most appreciated.

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Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Install a Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash.

While the array of unique and expensive tile is vast and appealing, it is easy and inexpensive to achieve dramatic results when installing a kitchen backsplash.  For the most bang for the buck, ceramic tile is the ideal material for a tiled kitchen backsplash.

Ceramic tiled kitchen backsplash by Boyer Tile
Ceramic Tiled Kitchen Backsplash by Boyer Tile.

From traditional tile to trendy glass, there are seemingly endless  choices for a kitchen backsplash. Nevertheless, tile is the most popular kitchen backsplash material.   Natural stone holds a fast-growing second.  While it is true that you can make just about any material work, ceramic tile is the product of choice in most homes today.

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Natural Stone Selection for Surfacing Projects

Natural Stone Selection for Surfacing Projects.

The secret to choosing the right natural stone for your surfacing project whether it be back-splash, counter-tops or flooring tile is giving preference to function over form.  Architect Louis Sullivan said “form ever follows function” implying that the form or look of a space is secondary to its practical functionality. A designed and decorated space isn’t truly a success unless it is able to be used and enjoyed by the people for whom it was designed.

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Wood Look Plank Porcelain Tile

The Look of Wood, the Durability of Ceramic Tile.

Wood look plank porcelain tile flooring has become one of the hottest trends in residential flooring in 2015. New production technologies are blending artisan technique with ink jet printing technology to provide looks never before achieved.

Wood Look Plank Porcelain Tile
Wood Look Plank Porcelain Tile.

With the advancements in manufacturing processes,we now have wood look plank tile designs infused on porcelain tile. The major supplies of these new products are the state-of-the-art factories of Spain and Italy. The rest of the world’s tile manufacturers are scrambling to catch the trend and get a piece of the action.

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Versailles Pattern | Tile Pattern Selection

The Classic Versailles Pattern.

The Versailles Pattern, also known as French Pattern, is a classic and beloved pattern. Natural stone tile installation around pool, laid in a Versailles pattern.The pattern typically consists of four sizes or five shapes that work together from a modular and repetitive standpoint.  With the interlocking of patterns, the Versailles Pattern is available in bundled ceramic tile and natural stone packages and is applicable for almost any interior or exterior space. Offering a warm and old-world look, the Versailles pattern bundles cater to any style. Continue reading