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Slate Bathroom Flooring

Choose Slate for Your St. Lucie Bathroom Flooring.

Slate, a natural stone tile, just might be the ideal surface of choice in the bathroom.  When choosing bathroom flooring your main consideration should be functionality, durability,  and cost.  Slate bathroom flooring scores well when all competing products are considered.

Slate bathroom flooring tile by Bella Slate.
Bella Slate – High quality natural stone.

In regard to functionality, the main consideration for bathroom flooring is  moisture.   There are no moisture problems with slate bathroom flooring.  Unlike granite and marble, slate is non-porous. It cleans up very easily and does not have a tendency to harbor bacteria. It won’t absorb liquids, so it won’t stain from  cleaners since they can’t penetrate its surface. Slate is highly heat resistant and resistant to etching and scratching. Scratches are easily rubbed out.

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Home Design Architecture

Home Design Architecture and Response.

Neuroscientists are uncovering how home design can make you smarter, faster, happier. Maybe even make you fall in love.

A spectacular home design with marble tiled floor and curved staircase. WOW!Several days ago I came across an image that struck me as the most impressive room I had ever seen. It was elegant and architecturally different from what I am accustomed. Yet, my attraction to that room was more the just that. It was like love at first sight. I really felt a need to know why I was so enamored. Was it inexplicable, like first love, or a hard-wired human response that everyone would likely share? As time was pressing, I let it go and went on with business at hand. Continue reading

Bond Breakers | Concrete Slab Bond Breakers

Concrete Slab Bond Breakers.

Treasure Coast tile contractors enjoy a tile installation advantage.  The vast majority of floor tile installations done here are over a concrete slab.

Ceramic Tile Installation Using Large Format Tile.
Straight Lay Pattern for Ceramic Tile Installation Using Large Format Tile.

There is no better substrata over which to lay ceramic tile than a concrete slab. That said, the success of any installation over a concrete slab, where tiles are directly bonded in a thin-set application, can go wrong.

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Home Technology Design Flooring

Home Technology Design for Flooring.

Boyer Tile LLC. – Home technology leader in flooring installation.The essential elements of survival for humans have always been food and shelter. To help obtain those essential, we learned to rely on technology.  Our use of technology began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools to provide those essentials. Thus, for the first humans the importance of home technology design probably came in as a close second behind the discovery of fire. The discovery of how to control fire increased the available sources of food.  The invention of “shelters” made it possible for humans to survive in extreme environments.

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ANSI Specifications – Large Format Tile Mortar

ANSI A118.15 – Improved Modified Dry-Set Cement Mortar.

While the ANSI A118.4 Dry-Set Cement Mortar specifications have served as the standard for residential tile installation for several years, many past complaint mortar have improved their capabilities beyond that ANSI standard. ANSI So, a new ANSI specification had to be established to distinguish standard performing mortars from high performing mortars. Thus, in 2013, came the birth of the new standard known as “Improved Modified Dry-Set Cement Mortar – ANSI A118.15 .” This new standard provides another level of classification for thin set mortars.

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ANSI Guidelines for Ceramic Tile

Rely on ANSI Guidelines When Choosing Ceramic Tile.

When it comes to choosing tile, there are many things you should look for regarding performance and quality levels. Following ANSI Guidelines can result in quality tiling craftsmanship.The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) together with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) establish ANSI Guidelines for tile manufacturing in the United States. Those guidelines are shown on the label of every box of tile, in a standardized code. Understanding the code will help you buy the ceramic tile that’s right for you. Continue reading

Tile with Style – Do It Right


Tile with Style – A Triple Entendre.

As a tile contractor I am often asked: “What’s in style with tile?”  It is not a trivial question.  The decision to chose one material or design pattern over another can have a significant impact on visual effect, installation cost and home owner satisfaction.  That said, here is a summary of the latest trends in residential tile installations.

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Residential Tile Flooring: Mud-Set vs Thinset Method

Residential Tile Flooring Installation Methods.

“Mud-Set” or “Mud-Bed” are terms used for a 3/4″ Portland cement and mason sand sub-surface for ceramic, porcelain & natural stone residential tile flooring. “Mud-Setting” the floor to accept tile is the ideal substrate: to provide a sound, flat and level floor, to provide a water-resistant base, and to add structural stability to new and old floors.Residential Tile Flooring - Marble Inlay above mub-pack.

“Thinset” is an adhesive mortar made of cement, fine sand and a water retaining agent such as an alkyl derivative of cellulose. It is usually used to  attach tile or stone residential tile flooring to surfaces such as cement or concrete. The application of the mortar adhesive is usually 3/8″ thick or less, thus defining the procedure as a “Thinset.”

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Tile Pattern Selection, Tile Selection

Diagonal Floor Pattern Using Large Format Ceramic TileModular Tile Pattern using three or more different-sized tiles to form a pattern. Ceramic Floor Tile InstallationLarge Format Tile in Block PatternRectified marble tile flooring with multiple small custom inlays - Bathroom RemodelingTravertine tile  using Modular Tile Pattern using three or more different-sized tiles to form a pattern.Brick Pattern Large Format Ceramic Tile InstallationPorcelain Tile laid in a herring bone layout.Ceramic Tile Installation Using Large Format Tile.

Set the Stage With an Ideal Tile Pattern Selection.

Before selecting tile for your next home remodeling project, think about how you would like the tile pattern laid out.  The right tile pattern will add more interest and depth to your space.  Whether you’re laying tile flooring, a kitchen back-splash or a shower surround, don’t be afraid to get creative in designing a unique tile pattern.  Get creative with tile, and don’t shy away from using it as a way to add eye-popping style to your space.

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