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All of the images displayed on this website that are watermarked with “Boyer Tile LLC” are showing the workmanship of Christoper Boyer.

This Bathroom tiling gallery is an accumulation of photos taken by Chris over a period of years.  It is not sorted or in any particular order.

You can move more quickly through the gallery by clicking the filmstrip below the main image.  Clicking a filmstrip image will display that image.  For better categorized images check out the other galleries listed on the home page.

Display full size bathroom tiling images.

The images displayed in this gallery are not being shown at their full size. By clicking in the middle of an image, the image will open to full size in a light-box. You can then move forward or back by clicking the arrows on the right and left, just within the image. Hovering over the image with the mouse will pause the auto advance until you move the mouse off the light-box. Exit light-box by clicking the “X” in the top right corner or any where outside the image.

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Have Fun!

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