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Porcelain Tile Installation Grouting

Porcelain Tile Installation Grouting Process.

Once tile has been installed and has dried properly, the grouting process can begin.  But, allow tile to set firmly before grouting. Grouting tile too soon, before the setting material has set-up, can lead to problems. Uncured setting material may bleed through the joints and discolor the grout.  There is also the risk of destroying the bond by shifting tiles, so allow as much time between setting and grouting as feasible. A day is advisable, but as much as four days might add a level of assurance.

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Tiling Project Planning in Port St. Lucie


In Port Saint Lucie, January is typically the most popular time of the year for new tiling installation and renovation projects.  So, plan ahead for your home tiling projects and get ahead of the new year resolution rush.  Make your resolution, your construction plan, and start preparing early.

Forward thinking at the beginning of a tiling project takes best advantage of supply and demand when it comes to tile contractor selection, selective bidding and finding sales and bargains. Selecting the materials to be used on the project and knowing product availability and its delivery time frame makes a tile contractors bidding much easier.

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Tile with Style – Do It Right


Tile with Style – A Triple Entendre.

As a tile contractor I am often asked: “What’s in style with tile?”  It is not a trivial question.  The decision to chose one material or design pattern over another can have a significant impact on visual effect, installation cost and home owner satisfaction.  That said, here is a summary of the latest trends in residential tile installations.

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Port St. Lucie Tiling Services

Port St. Lucie Tiling Services by Boyer Tile.

Port St. Lucie Tiling Services by Boyer Tile.
Tiling Services by Boyer Tile.

Your Port St. Lucie home is your cherished asset. It’s not only where you live but also an important investment in your future. When you hire someone to install tile or do any remodeling work to your home, you’re putting a lot of trust in their hands.

At Boyer Tile we appreciate that trust and recognize our responsibilities.

Just as Port St. Lucie is your home, it is ours as well. That is one reason why we take extra care of our customers and offer exceptional workmanship.

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