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Treasure Coast Marble and Tile Contractor – Boyer Tile

St. Lucie Contractor vs Dengue Mosquito

Port Saint Lucie Dengue Mosquitoes – Morphing from Pest to Danger.

As a Port Saint Lucie contractor who often works in homes open to the outdoors, I have become something of an expert on the behavior of  St. Lucie County mosquitoes. Port Saint Lucie contractor vs Port St. Lucie's Dengue Mosquitoes. Morphing from Pest to Danger. I recently read an article written by an authority on Dengue Fever describing the behavior of the mosquitoes that carries that disease. They are the same gals that I have to deal with regularly.  These mosquitoes are really smart and fast.  They hide from the light, tend to hit still targets, and attack and bite quickly and then go back  to hiding.

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Port St. Lucie Construction

Port St. Lucie Construction On the Rise.

Typically a mainstay of the Florida economy, construction has remains sluggish until recently.

 Port St. Lucie Construction
Port St. Lucie Construction

The slow housing market was  the main culprit, but that market is changing.  With the country still emerging from the worst economic crisis in decades, South and South Central Florida, including the Treasure Coast community of Port St. Lucie, may have finally turned the corner, as Port St. Lucie construction is on the rise.

According the the New York based research firm McGraw Hill, contracts for future construction in South Florida rose 38 percent in July of 2013 to $597.3 million from $431.3 million a year earlier.

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Florida Floor Tiler’s Labor Day

labor-dayLabor Day for a Florida Floor Tiler.

Labor Day, the first Monday of September, has about as much significance for the majority of working Americans as ground hog day. If you are a floor tiler in Florida and working this day, consider yourself lucky. The original intent of the official holiday was, according to mythology, to recognize the accomplishments of the American worker.

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Tile Installation – Setting Tile Craftsmanship Standards

Searching for a Professional, Affordable  Tile installation Service?

You’ve come to the right place!  If your looking for a tile installation with permanence and artistry, look no further. you have found a tile setter who is passionate about my craft.   When considering tile installation for your home, the issue should never be who is cheapest, but rather who is best.

Tile Installation - Setting Tile Craftsmanship Standards

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Bathroom Surfacing Selection | Tile

Bathroom Floor Surfacing Selection.

Ceramic tiled tub surround and wallsWhen considering bathroom floor  and wall surfacing, ceramic or porcelain tile is the obvious best choice.  It is simply a no-brainer.  The only characteristic of tile I have ever heard mentioned as a reason to avoid it is that it is “cold.”  Well, here on Florida’s Treasure Coast, that characteristic is most appreciated.

Tile is an appropriate material for every surface in a bathroom. Whether it’s for dry floor areas, shower floors and walls, tub surrounds, or wainscot, you can’t go wrong with tile.