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Natural Stone Selection – Granite.

Choosing the right natural stone for your surfacing project; whether it be back-splash, counter-tops, walls or flooring tile, depends upon knowing the attributes of the stone with which you will be working.  So, let consider the natural stone called granite.

Natural Stone Selection - Granite Countertops in Kitchen.
Granite Counter-tops in Kitchen.

Granite is naturally made and formed within the crust of the Earth.  It is an igneous rock formed from magma with at least 20% quartz by volume and at least 35% of the feldspar in granite is alkali feldspar. It is the alkali feldspar that gives granite a distinctive pink color. A siliceous stone,  it tends to be very durable and easy to clean. Stones in this category are granite, slate and sandstone.

The United States is one of the chief producers of dimension stone in the world.  Granite production typically is the largest or second largest portion of this market.  The granite quarried in North America comes mainly from the eastern and upper Midwest United States, but quarries can be found from coast to coast.

Granite is the traditional favorite counter-top material because of its unique colors and patterns, proven durability and lasting value.  Its density and durability make granite highly resistant to damage and  signs of wear.  The mirror finish on granite makes it anything but subtle.  In some situations its WOW factor simply overwhelms.

A great stone for many applications in a kitchen, it is also widely used for dining room table tops, bar tops and flooring.  Granite is highly heat resistant and resistant to etching, staining and scratching.

Natural stone counter-tops are most often made of granite because of its functionality and cost. Because granitic rock is widely distributed and is the most abundant basement rock, supply is abundant. Thus, granite is more affordable because transportation costs are less.  Development of new anchorage systems makes installation easier and more secure.  Granite is simple to care for and durable, so your investment lasts a lifetime.

From the viewpoint that function trumps form, the decision to use granite in a kitchen environment seem obvious.

In the kitchen, the use of granite as a natural stone counter-top is particular appropriate, as cleanup and maintenance should be easy.  It needs some special attention. It requires annual sealing to help resist stains, but still not as much sealing as marble would.  Fears you may have about accidentally ruining it are unnecessary.

Certainly, performing proper care and maintenance is prudent, but unlike almost every other building material, stone does not decay. Rather, its natural beauty only enhances through years of use.

Available in polished, honed or flamed surfaces, granite is easy to maintain.  And, when properly installed, can last virtually forever.  Each stone is unique.  Its natural beauty only enhances through years of use.

Granite solid surface would be a great selection for any home looking to add a strong depth of character to their house. With the modern day factory sealers, combined with the simple at home sealing processes, natural stone surfaces can be some of the best options on solid surface counters.

For a design that is not only incredibly attractive, but also eminently functional, you can’t go wrong with granite surfacing in the kitchen.

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