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Neuroscientists are uncovering how home design can make you smarter, faster, happier. Maybe even make you fall in love.

A spectacular home design with marble tiled floor and curved staircase. WOW!Several days ago I came across an image that struck me as the most impressive room I had ever seen. It was elegant and architecturally different from what I am accustomed. Yet, my attraction to that room was more the just that. It was like love at first sight. I really felt a need to know why I was so enamored. Was it inexplicable, like first love, or a hard-wired human response that everyone would likely share? As time was pressing, I let it go and went on with business at hand.

This morning, I came upon another image that, though not particularly elegant, still gave me a similar warm feeling. In this instance, the image was in a Pinterest post:

Master the Look: Mismatched Tile in the Bathroom.

Home design at its best. Mismatched tile produces lovely results.
Image found on Pinterest.

The original poster of the image, Teleometry, was struck by the geometric patterned tile on the floor, with matching shower curtain as the element that make this design stand out.

I found it striking in the depth the room gets with the round pattern next to the subway tile. It seemed to force the eye to focus on the rectangular bricks. Perhaps it was the soft, rounded shape of the subway tile in the near foreground.

This was getting interesting. So, I did some searching on the net and came up with research related to how neuroscience hints at how our surroundings affect feelings and behavior.

Architects have long known that the buildings in which we live, learn, work, and worship influence how we feel and act, setting the stage for quiet reflection, invigorating interaction, or inspiration. Now, neurobiology scientists have the tools and techniques to test what goes on in the brain as it responds to a particular architectural environment. Architects and neuroscientists are now beginning to grapple with these questions are are coming up with discoveries that have important implications for how we design spaces.

In an issue of Scientific American Mind, Emily Anthes describes how ceiling height, colors and other design factors influence attention and creativity.  A study by neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School found that faced with photographs of everyday objects, subjects instinctively preferred items with rounded edges over those with sharp angles.

And finally,  a study published in the journal Science found that we remember words and other details better when surrounded by red, and that we’re more creative and imaginative in the presence of blue.

For a more detailed analysis on this subject of home design, check out “Architecture with the Brain in Mind ” by John P. EberhardFAIA, and Brenda Patoine.

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