Kitchen Backsplash Tile Practicality

Choose Ceramic Tile for Your Kitchen Backsplash.

The primary purpose of a kitchen backsplash tile is practicality.  The kitchen is a workplace where heat, water, and cooking materials are mixed together to produce a meal. That process is often messy.

Tiled Kitchen Backsplash and Marble counter top
Kitchen Backsplash & Marble Counter-top.

For ease of maintenance, protect kitchen walls with an easy cleaning ceramic tile backsplash tile.

The wall behind the range is the most vulnerable area in the kitchen. The tiles you choose to spruce up the wall space above the range should be selected with that in mind. There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from, but the most frequently selected backsplash material is ceramic tile. It is also the most economical tile.

A kitchen backsplash must be functional.

While installing a new backsplash is an opportunity to be creative, functionality should be your primary goal. Because there is more square footage of wall space above the range that area gets a lot of visual attention. The backsplash can be the focal point of the kitchen and should showcase its color scheme and theme. With that in mind, ceramic tile becomes the obvious first choice for the purpose.

Form ever follows function.

The kitchen backsplash should make a major design statement.  Where function does not change, form does not change. This is Louis Sullivan’s single “rule that shall permit of no exception”.

Stain resistance and ease of cleanup are the issues of most concern for homeowner when considering installation of a kitchen backsplash. Time is to valuable to waste on scrubbing grease off of walls. Tile manufacturers take the issue seriously and have been addressing it since the invention of wall tile for the New York subway in 1904.

Glazed ceramic tile is naturally resistant to stains, but some tile manufacturers have focused their efforts on enhancing that resistance. For instance, International Wholesale Tile’s “Tesoro” line of tile features STAINMASTER™ tiles which are easy to clean, and are stain, mildew and mold resistant. Shield technology is applied to all STAINMASTER™ tiles during the manufacturing process. Similar technologies are incorporated into the ceramic lines of most major ceramic tile manufacturers.

So, while stone tiles need to be sealed with a low-sheen penetrating sealer to protect them from stains and water, no such procedures are necessary with ceramic tile. The use of ceramic wall tile for a kitchen backsplash is a no-brainer.

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