Slate Bathroom Flooring

Choose Slate for Your St. Lucie Bathroom Flooring.

Slate, a natural stone tile, just might be the ideal surface of choice in the bathroom.  When choosing bathroom flooring your main consideration should be functionality, durability,  and cost.  Slate bathroom flooring scores well when all competing products are considered.

Slate bathroom flooring tile by Bella Slate.
Bella Slate – High quality natural stone.

In regard to functionality, the main consideration for bathroom flooring is  moisture.   There are no moisture problems with slate bathroom flooring.  Unlike granite and marble, slate is non-porous. It cleans up very easily and does not have a tendency to harbor bacteria. It won’t absorb liquids, so it won’t stain from  cleaners since they can’t penetrate its surface. Slate is highly heat resistant and resistant to etching and scratching. Scratches are easily rubbed out.

From the viewpoint that function trumps form, the decision to use a siliceous stone like slate in a bathroom environment seem obvious.

In the bathroom, the use of slate bathroom flooring is particularly appropriate, as cleanup and maintenance is easy. While other metamorphic stones, such as marble, are prone to staining and absorbing moisture, slate is relatively non-porous.  Additionally, slate’s natural cleft and honed finishes have an has an organic feel that is also slip-resistant.

For those who love natural stone, no other flooring will do.

While natural stone flooring is pricy, slate is quite a bit more affordable compared to its pricier stone flooring cousins. While natural stone is one of the more expensive flooring options, its natural beauty and easy maintenance make it an excellent investment.

Choose the right color and surface finish and you’re on the path to creating a unique look.

Slate is a unique and durable natural stone which will leave a life long lasting impression.  It won’t etch, it doesn’t burn, and it’s non porous so maintenance is fairly simple. It’s natural beauty only enhances through years of use. For a design that is not only incredibly attractive, but also eminently functional, you can’t go wrong with slate flooring in the bathroom.

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My tiling service areas include Port St. Lucie (PSL), Fort Pierce, Stuart and Vero Beach, FL.

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