Skilled St Lucie Contractors in Short Supply.

St Lucie Skilled Labor in Short Supply.

During the ongoing building recession that started in 2007, general contractors built very  few new homes in Port St. Lucie. That was just part of the worst economic crisis in decades that sent an economic aftershock rippled through the area’s residential construction industries. St Lucie Tiling Contractors are in short supply in Port St. Lucie.It affected everyone from building contractors to tile setters. Those skilled laborers who had no roots here and could leave St. Lucie County did just that.  Of those who stayed, only the strong survived.

St. Lucie County and Port St. Lucie local government officials and staff did their part in making matters worse for their local skilled labor force.  Strapped for cash themselves, because of lost revenue from new home permits fees and contractor licensing, they turned vicious.  They made certain that if the local laborer didn’t pay them their fees for working in the city or county, they didn’t work.  The laborer with no work and no income, coupled with demands from local government for money to be allowed to work,  left.

The end result for the  St. Lucie County area was a loss of skilled construction laborers who, being burnt once by the failing economic system and again by the State and its local representative,  are  not likely to return.  The labor force shortage will not be quickly or easily corrected.

Skilled St Lucie Tiling Contractors.

The unprecedented length of the building recession will effect the future supply of skilled craftsmen in Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County and across the Treasure Coast.  Current governmental regulation in place in St. Lucie County and Port St. Lucie put restriction on who can apply for skilled contractor licensing.  Those application invariably require a number of years of past experience in the field being applied for.  For instance, St. Lucie County’s application for a St Lucie Tiling Contractors  license states:

“All applicants for a St. Lucie County Tile and Marble Contractors license shall provide written proof of having three(3) years of experience in the tile and marble construction trade.”

Port St. Lucie’s licensing regulation have similar wording along with additional redundant costs.

In St. Lucie County, which has had little to no construction going on since 2007, what is the likelihood that any local applicant qualifies?  Little to none, I would guess.  What do you think?

My tiling service areas include Port St. Lucie (PSL), Fort Pierce, Stuart and Vero Beach, FL.

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My tiling service areas include Port St. Lucie (PSL), Fort Pierce, Stuart and Vero Beach, FL. FL.

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