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Mastic vs Thinset – Tilers Concensus

Mastic vs. Thinset –  A Tilers’ Consensus Can Be Wrong.

If you did a “Fifty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong”  type survey on the subject on Mastic vs. Thinset, with the stipulation that only 30 year tiling professionals need respond, I expect you might get a list that looks like this:

Mastic vs Thinset in Wall Tile Installation
Use Thinset for Bathroom Tile Installation.

Mastic vs. Thinset.

  1. Shower floors – Thinset.
  2. Shower walls – Thinset.
  3. Bathroom floors – Thinset.
  4. Bathroom walls – Thinset.
  5. Kitchen floors – Thinset.
  6. Kitchen walls – Mastic.
  7. Kitchen counter-tops – Thinset.
  8. Kitchen back-splashes – Mastic.
  9. Other floors – Thinset.
  10. Other walls – Mastic (where moisture is not present).

That should settle the issue, right?  Well, no not really.

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