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Natural Stone Selection for Surfacing Projects

Natural Stone Selection for Surfacing Projects.

The secret to choosing the right natural stone for your surfacing project whether it be back-splash, counter-tops or flooring tile is giving preference to function over form.  Architect Louis Sullivan said “form ever follows function” implying that the form or look of a space is secondary to its practical functionality. A designed and decorated space isn’t truly a success unless it is able to be used and enjoyed by the people for whom it was designed.

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Slate Bathroom Flooring

Choose Slate for Your St. Lucie Bathroom Flooring.

Slate, a natural stone tile, just might be the ideal surface of choice in the bathroom.  When choosing bathroom flooring your main consideration should be functionality, durability,  and cost.  Slate bathroom flooring scores well when all competing products are considered.

Slate bathroom flooring tile by Bella Slate.
Bella Slate – High quality natural stone.

In regard to functionality, the main consideration for bathroom flooring is  moisture.   There are no moisture problems with slate bathroom flooring.  Unlike granite and marble, slate is non-porous. It cleans up very easily and does not have a tendency to harbor bacteria. It won’t absorb liquids, so it won’t stain from  cleaners since they can’t penetrate its surface. Slate is highly heat resistant and resistant to etching and scratching. Scratches are easily rubbed out.

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Limestone – Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Selection – Limestone.

Choosing the right natural stone for your surfacing project; whether it be back-splash, counter-tops, walls or flooring tile, depends upon knowing the attributes of the stone with which you will be working.

Yellow limestone paving slaves.So, let consider the natural stone called “Limestone.”   Recrystallized limestone, compact micro-crystalline limestone, and travertine that are capable of taking a polish are promoted, marketed and sold as either limestone or marble.

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