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DIY Floor Tile Rip Out & Tile Installation

DIY Floor Tile Rip Out.

Considering DIY floor tile rip out to save money and then hiring a tile setter later to do the tile installation?  Don’t do it!

DIY floor tile rip out & Tile Installation
DIY Floor Tile Rip Out & Tile Installation.

Tearing out tile flooring  to install new tile may sound like a quick and easy project, but it is not.  Floor tile rip out  is nasty, dirty work that will give little sense of accomplishment and probably save you little money in the long run.

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Floor Tile Removal, Port St. Lucie Flooring Removal

Floor Tile Removal Lesson Learned.

Floor Tile Removal & Installation by Boyer Tile

With 10+ years experience in floor tile removal and installation in St. Lucie County and the city of Port St. Lucie, I have removed thousands of square feet and literally tons of tile each year. Because floor tile removal is often the first step in the process of creating an expertly crafted installation, I have learned that it is imperative it be done right. That fact has to be recognized by the potential DIYer.

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