Tile Flooring in Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie Rates Tile Flooring Highly.

Ceramic tile offers unmatched beauty, durability and practicality for Port St. Lucie residents.  Tile is one of the most durable and maintenance friendly surfaces you can choose for your floors. It will retain its original beauty and luster for years.

Tile flooring with multiple small custom inlays.
Tile Flooring with Multiple Small Custom Inlays.

Easy to clean,  tile is perfect for areas where spills occur or become dirty from heavy traffic. Tile flooring harbors no dust mites, pollen, mold or mildew that can cause allergic reactions. Being resistant to mold and mildew, tile floors are perfect for bathrooms. Where heavy duty cleaning occurs daily and where hardwood or laminate floors are not practical, tile flooring meets the challenge.

Tile Flooring is Cost Effective.

Combined with its relatively affordable cost and low maintenance expenses, tile is one of the most cost effective flooring options. Tile flooring costs can range from the most affordable basic ceramic tiles to expensive high gloss natural granite. Between those extremes there are a range of ceramic tile products to meet every need.  The range of designs, colors, textures and sizes is almost unlimited.  Thus,  Port St. Lucie homeowners have the freedom to experiment with different combinations of textures and colors.

Where heavy traffic is an issue, porcelain tile often meet the challenge that standard ceramic tile might not meet. Unlike ceramic tiles, porcelain is not made of wet clay.  Instead dry clay dust is compressed under pressure to produce porcelain tile.  The resulting tile is then fired to extremely high temperatures that leave the tile both extremely durable and nonporous.  Because the tiles are nonporous, porcelain tile are naturally resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew.

Floor Tiling with Natural Stone.

And then there is natural stone flooring;  Expensive—Beautiful—Diverse.  Whether they’re made from marble, granite, limestone, slate, or travertine, natural stone floors create a visual depth that’s hard to replicate. No two pieces of stone have exactly the same color, pattern or texture.

Marble, as stone goes, is soft and will scratch easily.  But marble is elegant and nothing matches its allure. Luxury marble flooring now comes in forms easy to install that can be combined in varying sizes and shapes.

On the other extreme, if you are looking for a high gloss flooring that can last a lifetime, look to granite tiles.  Granite’s incredible hardness makes it ideal for kitchens and other areas where traffic is heavy, without ever fading or staining. For a design that is not only incredibly attractive, but also eminently functional, you can’t go wrong with natural stone surfacing for your home.

Adaptable enough for almost any space, tile flooring is the most versatile flooring materials available. A wide range of textures, colors, and tones provides a palette for almost endless tiling design possibilities.


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