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Port St Lucie has a tropical monsoon climate, has monthly mean temperatures above 18°C in every month of the year and features wet and dry seasons.  It gets 54 inches of rain per year. The US average is 37.   When building a new home or remodeling your existing home,  it is important to incorporate features that counter the negative effects of Port St Lucie’s heat and moisture.  Ceramic tile or natural stone are the ideal floor coverings for all seasons throughout St. Lucie County and south Florida.

Tile Port St. Lucie  with mosaic tile on walls.
Mosaic tile installation on walls.

During the wet, summer months Port St. Lucie’s temperatures are always in the 90s and humidity is high. Ceramic tile and natural stone flooring, because of its mass, remains cool and stabilizes room temperatures.

Additionally, ceramic tile and stone flooring help eliminate the health problems associated with carpeting in a humid environment. Port St. Lucie contractors and homeowners should take advantage of of the qualities of ceramic tile and natural stone.

As premier construction materials, ceramic tile and natural stone are held in high regard because of their variety, durability,  stability, and low maintenance costs.  Their variations in color, pattern, and texture are nearly infinite and impossible to replicate using other flooring material.  Ceramic tiles and stone flooring are visually interesting, and because they comes from the earth, eco-friendly.  The smart choice for your Port St. Lucie home is natural stone and ceramic tile.  Port St Lucie contractors know this well.

Port St. Lucie contractors are aware that electricity in Florida is not “penny cheap!”  Anything that we can do to reduce electric usage is a boon to the Port St. Lucie home owner. The use of ceramic tile on surfaces other than floors can have a major effect on Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) electric bills. Highly reflective surfaces of ceramic tile on counter tops and walls reduce the need for additional lighting as well as take advantage of greater mass for stable air conditioning.

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Using our superior design and installation skills, Boyer Tile can produce breathtakingly beautiful kitchens and bathrooms using ceramic tile and natural stone on floors and as a back splash between counters and cabinets.

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