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When building or remodeling your existing home, incorporate features that counter the negative effects of Vero Beach’s heat and moisture.  Ceramic tile and natural stone are the ideal floor coverings for all seasons in Vero Beach and throughout Indian River  County.

Vero Beach, FL has a tropical monsoon climate, has monthly mean temperatures above 18°C in every month of the year and features wet and dry seasons.  Vero Beach  gets 51.2 inches of rain per year. The US average is 37.

During the wet, summer months when Vero Beach’s temperatures are always in the 90s and humidity is high, ceramic tile and natural stone flooring, because of its mass, remains cool and stabilizes room temperatures. Ceramic tile and stone flooring help eliminate the health problems associated with carpeting in a humid environment.  Vero Beach contractors and homeowners should take advantage of both ceramic tile and natural stone’s qualities.

As construction materials, ceramic tile and natural stone are held in high regard because of their variety, durability,  stability, and low maintenance costs.  Their variations in color, pattern, and texture are nearly infinite and impossible to replicate using other flooring material.  Ceramic tiles and stone flooring are visually interesting, and because they comes from the earth, eco-friendly.  The smart choice for your Vero Beach home is natural stone and ceramic tile.  Vero Beach contractors know this well.

The Birth of Indian River County and Vero Beach.

Vero Beach, originally incorporated in 1919 as the City of Vero, was re-incorporated as the City of Vero Beach in 1925, when transferred from St. Lucie County to the newly established Indian River County.  For Vero Beach residents, 1925 is remembered for two things: the formation of Indian River County and Vero’s name being changed officially to Vero Beach.

In May, 1925, after years of philosophical and political differences between Vero residents and St. Lucie County politicians, Indian River County was born, and Vero Beach  became the county seat.  1925 would later be remembered for two things: the formation of Indian River County and Vero’s name being changed officially to Vero Beach, FL.

The seeds of what make Vero Beach and Indian River County unique began back at the turn of the century are still revered today. In the years to follow, a philosophy to re-use rather than demolish dominated development. With history and preservation woven into its fabric, Vero Beach and other towns in Indian River County have stayed that course. Careful planning and preservation has been the mantra guiding Indian River County’s determination to see dreams become reality. Organized growth rather than unfettered urban sprawl is what helps Indian River County and Vero Beach retain the ‘small town’ flavor.

It’s been nearly 90 years since Indian River County became a reality and much has changed. The past is what the future is made of. Indian River County and Vero Beach has made great effort to retain the sense of place that attracted people to the area in the first place.

Floor Tile Installation – Vero Beach Tile Installation.

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You’ve come to the right place! If your looking for a tile installation with permanence and artistry, look no further. You have found a tile setter who is passionate about my craft. When considering tile installation for your home in Vero Beach, the issue should never be who is cheapest, but rather who is best.

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