Tiling Glossary – B

Tiling Contractors Glossary.



Any material used as a base over which a finished material is to be installed.
Bisque cracks.
Any fractures in the body of a tile visible both on the face and back.
Bonding refers to the adherence of one material to another. Effective bonds must be achieved between the mortar and scratch coat, between the tile and mortar, and between the adhesive and backing.  Where tile is to be bonded directly to concrete slabs, using one of the thin-set methods, cure concrete slabs that are to receive tile before tile application. Do not use liquid curing compounds or other coatings that may prevent bonding of the tile setting materials to slabs.
Bond strength.
The force per unit area or length necessary to rupture a bond.
Bonding agent.
A substance applied to a suitable substrate to create a bond between it and a succeeding layer as between a subsurface and a terrazzo topping or a succeeding plaster application.
Bright gloss.
Colorless or colored ceramic glaze have a high gloss.
Broken joint.
Ceramic tile installation featuring each row offset for half its length.
A trim tile with a convex radius on one edge. This tile is used for finishing the top of a wainscot or for turning an outside corner.
Bullnose corner.
A type of bullnose trim with a convex radius on two adjacent edges.
Butt joint.
A plain square joint between two members
Buttonback tile.
Tile that have projections on the bondable side. Many of these projections are round and therefore the term buttonback.
Butyl rubber.
A copolymer of about 98% isobutylene and 2% isoprene. It has the poorest resistance to petroleum oils and gasolines of any rubber. Excellent resistance to vegetable and mineral oils: to solvents such as acetone, alcohol, phenol and ethylene glycol; and to water and gas absorption. Heat resistance is above average. Sunlight resistance is excellent. It’s abrasion resistance is not as good as natural rubber. Usually low permeability to gases.


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