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Tiling Contractor’s Glossary.



Lap joint.
A joint made by overlapping adjacent edge areas of two adherents to provide facing surfaces which can be joined with an adhesive.
A water emulsion of a synthetic rubber or plastic obtained by polymerization and used especially in coatings and adhesives.
Latex grout.
A portland cement grout with a special latex additive which results in a less rigid, less permeable grout than regular portland cement grout.
Latex mortar.
A mixture of portland cement, sand, and special latex additives which is used for bonding tile to back-up material. It is less rigid than portland cement mortar.
A wood strip or metal mesh, which acts as a background or reinforcing agent for the scratch coat or mortar coat.
Layout stick.
A long strip of wood marked at the appropriate joint intervals for the tile to be used. It is used to check the length, width, or height of the tile work. A common name for this item is idiot stick.
Leaching is a condition where liquids ooze out of the joint between ceramic tile veneer, regardless of the veneer is grouted or not, and runs down over the tile.
Specifically, calcium oxide, also, loosely, a general term for the various chemical and physical forms of quicklime, hydrated lime and hydraulic hydrated lime.
A sedimentary carbonate rock, composed chiefly of calcite, but sometimes containing appreciable dolomite.
Live load.
The moving load or variable weight to which a building is subjected, due to the weight of the people who occupy it, the furnishings and other movable objects.
A force provided by weight or mass (gravitational), external or environmental sources such as wind, water and temperature, or other sources of energy.

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