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A term used when a wall surface has developed a slide.
A mixture of portland cement, sand, and water.
(1) A continuous film or penetrant to prevent the passage of liquids or gaseous media; a high-bodied adhesive generally of low cohesive strength to fill voids of various sizes to prevent passage of liquid or gaseous media. (2) A coating used to seal the sand-scratched surface of a primer in order to obtain a smooth uniform paint base over rough metal. Sealers are products of low pigmentation.
Self-spacing tile.
Tile with lugs, spacers, or protuberances on the sides. These devices automatically space the tile for the grout joints.
3 percent to 7 percent water absorption.
The condition reached by a cement paste, mortar, or concrete when it has lost plasticity to an arbitrary degree, usually measured in terms of resistance to penetration or deformation; initial set refers to first penetration or deformation; initial set refers to first stiffening; final set refers to attainment of significant rigidity; also, strain remaining after removal of stress.
Shelf life.
Maximum interval during which a material may be stored and remain in a usable condition.
Shower pan.
Terminology used in some areas for Waterproof membrane.
Skid resistance.
A measure of the frictional characteristics of a surface.
A flat (although sometimes ribbed on the underside) reinforced concrete element of a building which provides the base for the floor or roofing materials.
T, Y and X shaped, they are used in installation to separate tile on walls and floors. They are manufactured in various thickness from 1/16 to 1/2.
Splash walls.
The walls of a tile drainboard or bathtub.
The underlying support for the ceramic tile installation.

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