Travertine – Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Selection – Travertine.

Choosing the right natural stone for your surfacing project;  be it back-splash, counter-tops, walls or flooring tile, depends upon knowing the attributes of the stone with which you will be working. So, let consider the natural stone called “Travertine.”

Natural Stone Tile - Travertine floor tile – The ideal outdoor stone tile
Natural Stone – Travertine Floor Tile.

Travertine has been a favored building material since the dawn of civilization.  It was chosen by the Romans to build the Coliseum.  Modern quarrying practices and technological innovations have made the production of travertine now within the reach of many more of us.

Any stone capable of taking a polish, with the exception of granite, is known commercially as “Marble.”  These types of stones include limestone, travertine and onyx.

These calcareous stones are made of mainly calcium carbonate. Marbles are sensitive to acids; including cleaning products and foods like citrus fruits, vinegar, wine, tomatoes, etc. They require different cleaning procedures than siliceous stones like granite.

Travertine Tile - Ideal Outdoor Tiling Surface
Travertine – An Ideal Outdoor Tiling Surface.

Travertine comes in a variety of earthy tones complete with a delicate look. Its color depends on the other sediments in its mixture besides the mineral calcite, which is white. Impurities such as sand, clay, and organic material are often present in travertine. With no artificial coloring agents to fade, its appearance actually improves with age. Because it is a softer stone, it is easily carved.

The ability of travertine to readily adapt to various architectural styles, along with its pleasing natural color, ease of shaping, and its durability are advantages that have all worked together to maintain the stone’s popularity. It is most commonly seen in tile sizes for indoor or outdoor flooring. From the viewpoint that function trumps form, the decision to use travertine in a kitchen environment seem questionable. Travertine is ideally suited for flooring—especially in the bathroom and shower.

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